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Sean Phelps

Sean Phelps is a father to Lilly and Aimee and married to Lauren . He is a qualified chiropractor, Personal trainer, and has a passion for human performance.

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Masters Graduation 2011

“After having children, I became aware of how much body alignment plays a part in the strength and development of a child just as I found in the adult population. 

My interest in health and well-being started when my mother died of breast cancer at just 36 years old.

My purpose and intention is to provide a safe container using the best bodywork, breathwork, coaching available today.

I also have an ongoing interest in Transpersonal psychology.”

When we are cut off from our natural strength, our energy and passion are less available.

I offer understanding, compassion and coaching to get optimal outcomes.

Using ABC (TM) and serving the community

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