By Sean Phelps DC: Grateful Changemaker

We are all ‘Artists Of Possibility’ : My mission is to help implement a 21st-century blueprint for physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and expanded awareness.

“At the age of 28 after Thai boxing, I predictably got injured and was treated with chiropractic. This allowed me to make a quick recovery from a low back and hip injury that completely immobilized me. I decided after this that I would study chiropractic to try and understand and ‘solve my own pain’.

After 9 yrs using a breakthrough in body-work, breath-work, and mindfulness meditation.  I have found that all is needed at the beginning is some openness, curiosity, determination and a taste of restored posture and movement, that I can deliver has a big effect on mental health, including a alot less stress.

Redefining structural work versus therapy

The mechanism for postural distortions begins early in childhood or whilst being held in the womb. So the aberrant position in the womb, either my mother or poor positioning, and/or child birthing process, perhaps falling down the stairs- often the first over looked initiation of physical an/or emotional trauma.

Can a structural method of body-work fix what your body cannot? and why therapies tend to be experiences.


My first experience of an injury was falling down the concrete stairs at school and in the playground on the wet floor. We assume that as it happened years ago, and the pain went away….nothing to get by letting these memories effect us but unfortunately, the body retains these injuries..This memory from the injuries together with the learned behavour to adapt to change with the new ‘shape’ on one hand enables the survival of the body-mind. However, this deviation from natural function/ progression with strength does not happen!

This or these mechanical injuries causes the shape of your spine to change which leads to the mis-alignment and over time leads to a body changing into similar but slow stooped postures over time. (Think aged population). If you think that this is normal then, I would say, how do you know? Easier to accept that this is normal, YES!

There are many injuries that can occur but the one we are focusing on here is as follows. A bone moves out of place forward and creates tension on spinal cord and nerves. The body settles after this injury by compensating/ twisting to reduce the tension (symptoms are experienced). The next step to reduce these symptoms the body is clever and pulls other bones out of place to help distort more this injury and relieve pain. After these steps the body goes through and more compensating injuries and there will be episodes of pain and relief .

The essential point of this mechanical ‘anomaly’ and breakdown of posture is that the human frame cannot self-correct the forward displacement of the vertebrae, as there are no muscles pulling in the direction needed to correct it!


Mechanical perspective

A forward head and neck on a body. Imagine that you are holding a medicine ball, the average human head weights 5 kgs. How much heavier would it seem or how much more strain would it be to hold, if you held it with your arm outstretched in front of you, compared to close to your chest? Your arm would feel the weight more and be trembling or at least more strain?

From Headaches to pins and needles

Tension headaches, pain or muscular tension in the neck, upper back or shoulders, or numbness or tingling down the arm could and very often are associated with postural distortions.


If you are experiencing stomach discomfort, digestion fuzziness, energy symptoms, then an assessment of nutrition may be a good place to start.

We can help if you would like a deeper examination of your blood to measure vitamin, mineral, toxic metals, other biochemical levels that are related to the availability of vitamins, and other nutrients relevant for optimal health.

Alternatively, you can attend our laboratory in London that has a reputation for being the best in Europe and second best in the world.


“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind” Harvard Psycologists found that, when our minds are out of tune with the present moment, it’s corrosive to our emotional state. If we lack peace of mind, then what does it do us to have a fit body or good health. Culture accepts readily that working out physically, and training our bodies requires physical stress. Instead of dusting off our training shoes , or hitting the gym, what if we made a decision to investigate our emotional lives as well as taking care of our physical health.

My own personal story led me to profound break-throughs with realisations that my environment was just a representation of my inner body-mind state, leaving behind an over-whemingly stressful, barely managing life to a new one leading fearlessly. My jewelled path led to my need to grow-up, clean-up and finally show-up in this beautiful lifetime!

The Brain Change: Finding Your inner strength for outer stability to grow into times of potential turbulence?

“Some people are becoming more aware of their ‘Life’ experience, (their sense of identity) whilst others are becoming more interested in their conciousness and awakening their state or world view.

What helped me to cope when my dear mother passed away at just 38, catalyzed for me a very strong intention to find the truth and investigate my experience and inner world wisdom and health.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

– Albert Einstein, physicist

I found that when I turned inside, I questioned perception and over time became willing to entertain a possibilty that things were different than I had thought they were, I began to dramatically expand the range of ‘possibilities‘ to me.

It is my belief that today for one to move forward with their health and dreams, one must have an openness at least to be able to make a shift in perspective.

Optimize your experience: What if you could move out of your familiar zone into a different experience that is fresh and then move into a new challenging territory that is not easy but rich in breakthroughs?

“You cannot teach people how to carry a magic they don’t have. When people find the magic, they will carry it.”

Sandra Ingerman Shaman healer and American author

 Enhanced Health, Resilience, Inner peace Beyond the Veil of Anxiety and Fear

As a health professional I say quite often, that what often limits us in the beginning of change, keeps us from ‘realizing’ our potential. At the beginning of change requires imagination that we can do something different. It is not so much a lack of will, strength, intelligence or desire but more imagination that is required.
If you are able to just imagine that you have the ability to see through a bigger lens, this could be the right time.. It’s complex if you want it to be or that simple.

The Brain Change: It is hard-wired into our brains, our culture and media etc, feeding the habit of mind, that it is “normal” to assume that we have problems, and by doing so we have become very attached to the feeling of always having a problem. Current neuroscience research has found that humans have a negativity bias, (2:1). Maybe this is only a subtle sense in the background for you or perhaps a more intense feeling, often or on a moment to moment basis during your daily life, or an angst.  You may actually have a problem or have problems,  but if you can just stay with this, we can use this recognition, and possibly contemplate something different.

Mental states and moods are in fact not fixed, in fact most moods don’t last longer than five or ten minutes. When moods last longer it is because we inject into them with a narrative and story including the past and future. One area I have a taste for is offering help to bring awareness to the mental state of the mind on a moment to moments basis.


Making a shift can be the difference between turning your pain into an opportunity or being en-slaved by it. If one is open to changing their relationship to certainty at least at the very start, then we maybe able to can re-frame these so called problems, and over time develop a more helpful habit of not having a problem. Our beliefs and assumptions lead us to experience our realty in a certain way. Your reality is being shaped by your ideas in your reality.


Have you wondered what would happen if you found out that what you thought to be your reality and the purpose of life could be just be a concept and can be re-designed immediately?

How would you feel about a different experience? How willing are you to have all that change?? Often people would like to know how much change is required to do change. We often want assurance of what parts we could change. To honestly change, there is a need to ‘let go’ to the disturbance that change could bring.

Strategies to help us relax into the truth of our reality may shift a view of reality.

Struggling with a Harsh Unrelenting Inner critic?

An out of control inner critic can make one feel frozen in fear and anxiety. Over time, this response can burn ones ambition, often locking one into a habit of self-shame.

If this information resonates and you are interested in a new perspective including working on your mind, body, spirit and shadow with inquiry and using natural solutions for your health, then please get in touch or sign up for the newsletter!

Small efforts, if concrete, will pile up and bring about big ‘concrete’ personal, and social, changes.
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