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Postural Realignment

Here in the UK, the NHS  is no longer offering surgery as often, consequently spinal surgeries, hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder replacements etc, are offered only today, in severe trauma cases e.g. getting hit by a car or falling off your roof.

“I thought that the body-mind and its mechanics could only be fixed by surgery.  The first thing that I learned as a chiropractor was that investigation of the underlying problem is only going to be as good as the tests that are used and the diagnosis that follows. The focus here is on improving the structure, which requires finding the cause of what is commonly referred to as ‘secondary conditions’ or “syndromes” like tennis elbow, disc herniations, etc.. “.

Neck pain, upper back, lower back pain and such like are these conditions. These conditions are so common that a person is considered lucky if they don’t have these problems. I have success with all of these ‘conditions’ usually without using any medication other than for severe pain and anxiety initially.

The research is also growing to support this new bodywork that addresses forwards posture and especially shows meaningful differences in all aged populations post treatment has an all-round better function, including breathing!

Using this science including standing, sleeping, and sitting, often personal supplementary living advice supports and easily prevents all of these syndromes and problems re-occurring.

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