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From the first call-or the referral, I would like to help you solve your Pain. Regardless of the length of time, associated factors around your case, your expectations are most important to us. Immediate relief of pain WITH evidence of changes THAT COULD BE..movement, Reduced swelling/ ache, numbness etc..are provided.

When nerves get angry from postural distortions:


Your central nervous system consists of your brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. From your spinal cord nerves come off to reach out to your muscles, organs, skin, etc. These are your peripheral nerves. If your central nervous system (CNS) is tethered (Restricting movement) anywhere from your skull to your tail bone (coccyx).

  • The spinal column serves two purposes. The first is to allow us freedom of movement. We can bend and twist and do all sorts of things.
  • The second is to protect the delicate nerves of the brain, brainstem and spinal cord.

Nerves work as transmitters like electrical wires/ cables. The cells that make up a nerve are called neurons. Each cell can be up to 3 feet long. Now it’s incredibly thin, so even if you wrapped the whole thing around the rubber of a pencil, or (eraser) you’d never see it. But they are that long. Now you put a few hundred to a few thousand of these neurons together in parallel and you have nerves. The spinal cord is the biggest “nerve” there is even though it’s not thought of as a nerve because there are other things in the cord. But the cord does have thick bands of neurons flowing through it just like nerves.

Each neuron conducts impulses, like the mores code. The more impulses per second or the less impulses per second convey the message. A normal, healthy nerve conducts all the impulses without fail. But a stretched nerve misses some. All the impulses cannot get passed the stretched part of the nerve. The more stretched the nerve is, the more impulses are lost.

Nerves only conduct in one direction. You have nerves that conduct impulses from your brain to your stomach and others that conduct from your stomach to the brain. Both can be affected simultaneously.

When your spine is twisted, your cord is stretched. If this stretch is localized, related nerve conduction problems can occur.

If however, the stretch pulls on the cord all the way up to your brainstem, this energy can drain the body-mind.

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