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Sean Phelps D.C

Whether you want more energy, feel happier or to optimise your brain to remove obstacles to health, looking for high performance, or simply a person who would like to bring more passion and purpose to your work, an entrepreneur, co-creator/change-maker or someone who wants to be pain-free.  The challenge of transformation is that the person you think you are shapes your mind, your body, your tension patterns, and even your ‘breathing’ patterns. Acceptance initiates a flip from coping to transforming.

It differs from tolerence, which is as good as coping gets, still holding the situation at arm’s length as something we have to put up with. Acceptance can help cease resistance! What if the stage of development you are at has some resistance and this needs to be worked on before you can develop to the next stage?

Are you actualizing your full potential? This question led me to studying the Adult Development theory which is a relatively new focus of leaders around the world. Developmental coaching helps us to “purposefully evolve ourselves”. The difference between coaching and therapy is with coaching we are building resources.

Does the stage of development that you are at even matter?

Determining what stage of development that we are at is only part of the self-development. Using meditation, breathwork and focus is how we can increase our capacities to take new perspectives, where those ‘perspectives’ will make more sense within our new expanded awareness and can help facilitate change! This new sense of self/experience and the world is very illuminating and allows us to make new connections,  let go of other connections, so as to feel life more deeply, and intuit subtler dimensions of our ‘being’ that may have been absent since early childhood.

“Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with hope that they will bear vegetablesand fruits and flowers, so you must attend to nourish the garden of your becoming”

  – Jean Houston

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