bigstock-Smoke-over-black-background-49626953_LgThere are many possible reasons for fuzziness/Dizziness. Essentially, as a trained chiropractor, we check vital signs, and neurology to rule out any serious health risks.  Researchers from the departments of physiology & medicine at New York medical college, Valhella describe brain fog “an interaction of physiological, cognitive, and perceptual factors.” brain fog is rooted in a lifestyle that promotes negativity bias, including inflammation and hormonal imbalances — and is further exacerbated by stress.

Brain fog is described by people as having a few characteristic symptoms:

  • Unable to concentrate for more than short periods – short attention span and easily distracted.
  • Fatigued but also can’t sleep well at night
  • Can’t think well – slower to process info and make decisions
  • Feeling fuzzy in the eyes or head. Harder to literally focus their eye
  • Feel “fuzzy”?

Some causes of Brain fog could be due to a nutrient deficiency, a sugar overload or sleep deprivation. It is not a feeling of level headed calm, optimistic and motivated state. Physical pulling on the brain and brain stem causes brain fog.

from a Mechanical Structural perspective

Although more research is required research has been shown, that as the body changes shape, over time, pulling away from the twists, affects the function of the nerve signal (not so much pinching as described often, but the stretching of the nerves can cause pain and other nerve-related symptoms. – Adult Tethered Cord Syndrome as described by the neurosurgeon Yamada. This research by Brieg reported that the stretch on the spinal cord and brain­stem does not respond to treatment using medication or exercise, hence why surgery was investigated in this research.

Body mechan­i­cal prob­lems can be corrected by reducing the tension of the brain, brain­stem and spinal cord in the same process that our clients report in their reviews. effortless upright posture.

Upright with no effort.  We call it UP, BRIGHT and ALERT. We take posture and balance very seriously!

If you are not UP, BRIGHT and ALERT after your visit with your health care practitioner, then book in for a free consultation!

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