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In the Medical Journal of Spine in 2005 , a study carried out by medical doctors measured posture in 752 subjects using full-spine-x-rays. They took measurements from the upper neck of the subjects to the tailbone (sacrum). Findings included: Even small-minor ‘forward head posture’ was shown to be detrimental. The variables included breathing, heart rate, pain and disabilty, and all health markers measured in this study worsened as the postural distortions increased.

Structural Correction

‘Neuro-Plasticity:- (changes in the brain, and nervous system),  How nerves wire and fire  is a term that is appreciated in neuroscience.   A recent study found positive effects on the brain following chiropractic adjustments. The nervous system controls the human body through nerves which allow us to sense and contract our muscles.

Why do physical bodies change shape?

The body including face and teeth change as we get older and pain is not necessarily always present. Interestingly, the changes in shape (structure) affects muscle function and is not always felt to be painful, some cases only felt as weaker. The aging process does have an effect to a degree but the  body is only ‘a partially self-correcting organism’ and these shape changes are compensatory and unpredicatable.

In physical therapy including chiropractic, muscles are the main focus of the assessment and the idea of exercises and the ‘gymnasium healthcare’ aproach is now accepted as both dangerous and outdated.

A few practitoners, in the UK including physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths are working with the new postural research and correcting forwards posture using Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM).

Mechanical approach

The difference between this new direction and traditional aproaches (previously mentioned), is that a chiropractor will find an individual misaligned bone in your spine and address that, without the knowledge of how the ‘whole shape’ has changed and the ‘why’ the bone misaligned.Then they would have to use a ‘whole’ body approach as the body is a inter-related form that has shape for function.

A physiotherapist might use massage, help stretch some muscles, maybe mobilise a hip or shoulder joint, and may give you some stretches for homework. These can be both useful and pain relieving in the short-term.

This method of treatment has been developed slowly over 30 years and seen to be predictable and fairly consistent in most body types , ages and injuries. I can work with children and elderley clients in their 90s.

The mechanical / structural position of the skeletal frame; this includes the arches of the feet, the chest and the knees are structurally re-aligned using a whole body approach. ABC (TM) has been developed from neuro-surgery and chiropractic.

 For more information please refer to TrustPilot Reviews (at the bottom of the site).

To strengthen whilst going through corrective care, movements are used rather then repetitive based strengthening exercises hereby not overloading injured/ over compensated muscles.

Chiropractic is an established form of manipulative therapy that is available sometimes on the NHS in England.  Chiropractic is comparable to Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM) (aka ABC) and this alternative, method used is a “whole-body” hands-on approach.

*The information contained in this site is not a panacea- it will not of course solve our problems or resolve our issues. It is only information, whose function is to orient and guide us in our transformational journey.

Structural Bodywork & Coaching

Initial care would involve changing some lifestyle habits that you may not like to give up! eg; not doing sit-ups.

The market place is flooded with ‘experts and companies’ that are for rapid delivery a Rapid delivery of a ‘solution’ for something that has been going on for some time, you would have to question its effectiveness, wouldn’t you?

Initial Care (bodywork) consists of 12 visits. Coaching is included and focuses on building resources. If your case looks promising, you could take a first visit/ intro with no obligation to commence ‘initial-care’.

What if you could move out of your familiar zone into a different experience that is fresh and then move into a new challenging territory that is not easy but rich in breakthroughs?

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