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 We have familiar postures, habitations and comforts, or we can make a different choice altogether- We can do something new!

A study carried out by medical doctors measured posture in 752 subjects using full-spine-x-rays, (Medical Journal of Spine in 2005). They took measurements from the upper neck of the subjects to the tailbone (sacrum).

Findings included: Even small-minor ‘forward head posture’ was shown to be detrimental. The variables included breathing, heart rate, pain and disabilty, and furthermore all health markers measured in this study worsened as the postural distortions increased.

The nervous system and body keeps the score!

‘Neuro-Plasticity:- (changes in the brain, and nervous system),  How nerves wire and fire.  A recent study found many positive effects in the brain following chiropractic adjustments to the spine ONLY. The nervous system supplies the nerves which allow a sense of touch/ sensation and contracts muscles. This is very intertesting and since we use our hands and legs as expressions of our communication, I have researching what effects aligning the whole body has on health markers, eg; stress, peace, ease and mood etc.

How Body may change shape

The face and teeth are in a constant change and can be seen to be asymmetrical (different from side to side). Pain is not necessarily always present and in the jaw for example, even a crown fitting can effect the function of the pelvis and lower back. . Interestingly, the changes in shape (structure) affects muscle length and obviously strength (Function) and upon testing where energy constrictions or pain may manifest.

In physical therapy including chiropractic, muscles are a main focus of the assessment and exercises are assumed to be corrective

.In the UK physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths are working with current postural research and finding over large time frames consistency and meaningful improvements with forwards posture using:  Postural correction, accompanying breath work and various ‘efficacious’ relaxation Techniques not only allieviate symptoms but are also useful things one can do themselves in times of trouble.

Postural correction

Postural correction differs from traditional methods including chiropractic as a chiropractor may examine and find an individual misaligned bone in your spine and address that, not paying attention to the ‘whole shape’  but comparing to a text book spine. Not recognizing the bone that is ‘forward’ in relation to the spine. This is the opposite to this research and realization that the body falls forwards so to treat by pushing the body forwards by treatment does not bring optimal results. These results are many from breathing to easier sitting, walking/ Running. This postural approach is a  ‘whole’ body approach.

I would not be practising, if I were not using the postural correction. I had what is known as a hot disc and found the postural correction made the changes that saved my physical fitness and career.

This postural work  has been developed slowly over 30 years and is seen widely in the world to be not only popular, quite predictable and fairly consistent in most body types for most injuries. Time scales obviously differ from person to person, injury to bodyshape etc. Thankfully with this method, I can work with children and some elderley clients even in their 90s.

The mechanical / structural position of the skeletal frame; this includes the arches of the feet, the chest and the knees are structurally re-aligned using a whole body approach. ABC (TM) has been developed from research by a neuro-surgeon and a chiropractor.

 For more information please refer to TrustPilot Reviews (at the bottom of the site).

Complementary or Preventative?

Postural Correction can be compared to Chiropractic, as it includes spinal manipulation. Chiropractic is an established form of manipulative therapy that is occasionally available on the NHS in England .

Alternative to Chiropractic

Postural Correction is a “whole-body” hands-on approach.

*The information contained in this site is not a panacea- it will not of course solve our problems or resolve our issues. It is only information, whose function is to orient and guide us in our transformational journey.

Functional Medicine for a fractured world: Body work, Counselling, Breathwork, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT/ Tapping),  & Coaching for family health care today.

Initial care may and often does involve changing some lifestyle habits that you may not like to give up! eg; such as not doing sit-ups, etc.   

(That said a recent body builder, found that although unsettling to begin with, it is well worth it in the end!) ….The market is flooded with ‘experts’ and ‘companies’ that offer the rapid delivery with unquesionable? certainty for a ‘solution’ for something that has been going on for some time. Maybe you are either a seeker or are questioning the ‘truth’ and this is a good place to start or indeed end..

Initial Care (bodywork/ breathwork) consists of 12 visits. Coaching is included and focuses on building resources. If your case looks promising, you could take a first visit/ intro with no obligation to commence into ‘initial-care’.

Q. What if you could move out of your familiar zone into a different experience that is fresh, like diving into the sea and then move into a new challenging territory (deeper cold water) not easy but rich in breakthroughs and discoveries?

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