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Whether our interest is in science or spirituality we are all potentially Artists Of Possibility‘.

Using the Body to Lead the Mind.

How do we cultivate a feeling of vitality and aliveness both in our work and in our own lives?

Awareness is the foundation of good relationships with others, creative learning, and essentially physical stability.

‘Neuro-Plasticity:- (changes in the brain, and nervous system.  How nerves wire and fire)  is a term that is well appreciated in modern neuroscience.   A recent study found positive effects on the brain following chiropractic adjustments. The nervous system controls the human body through nerves which allow us to sense and contract our muscles.

Why do physical bodies change shape?

The body shape changes including the face, as do our teeth as we age and pain is not necessarily always present! The structural changes in shape not only affect the muscle function but are often felt to be painful and in some cases weaker due to these processes. The aging process certainly has an effect but the key here is that the body cannot self-correct these changes on its own or by exercises.

In modern physical therapy including chiropractic, muscles are the main focus of the assessment and this is where the idea of exercises started and is the go-to today for most body aches and pains.

Using advanced Biostructural correction (TM), these scientific facts have been seen to be inconsistent.

( If we kept old science we would still be sending mail in the post as a form of instant communication).

Movements moreover are used rather then exercises in the corrective care to re-introduce strength to the weakened muscles.

Chiropractic is an established form of manipulative therapy that is available sometimes on the NHS in England.  Chiropractic is comparable to Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM) and an alternative, where the technique used is a whole-body hands-on approach (aka ABC).

*The information contained in this site is not a panacea- it will not of course solve our problems or resolve our issues. It is only information, whose function is to orient and guide us in our transformational journey.

Structural Bodywork & Coaching

Initial care would involve changing some lifestyle habits that you may not like to give up! eg; not doing sit-ups.

The market place is flooded with ‘experts and companies’ that are for rapid delivery a Rapid delivery of a ‘solution’ for something that has been going on for some time, you would have to question its effectiveness, wouldn’t you?

Initial Care (bodywork) consists of 12 visits. Coaching is included and focuses on building resources. If your case looks promising, you could take a first visit/ intro with no obligation to commence ‘initial-care’.

Here: You could ask yourself this question-  …What do you want.?

How do you feel?


What is the point if you have a good job, a nice home or a lovely partner, etc if your experience in this life is not Optimal?

What if you could move out of your familiar zone into a different experience that is fresh and then move into a new challenging territory that is not easy but rich in breakthroughs?

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