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Sean Phelps DC 

In reflection this expanded world crisis has been timely because now more than ever humanity is starting to be more open and aware of the truth and are curious about how we can prevent, address and heal. My mission as an Artist of possibility is to help other artists to help others and be agents of light at this time. My background as a therapist has been in both fitness and health using efficacious bodywork, inquiry and breathwork for todays world.
Therapist Edgar Levinson observed, “The process of therapeutic change has its own phenomenology that is no different from the way an artist arrives at a visual concept or mathematician at a new formulation. Using evidence from science and clinical practise working in chiropractic, Postural science and Psychology. 

A study carried out by medical doctors measured posture in 752 subjects using full-spine-x-rays, ( Medical Journal of Spine in 2005 ). They took measurements from the upper neck of the subjects to the tailbone.
Findings included: Even small-minor forward head posture‘ was shown to be detrimental. These included effects on breathing, heart rate, pain and disability, and furthermore all markers measured in this study worsened as the postural distortions increased.
The nervous system keeps the score!
Physical shape changes

The Cranuim, including the teeth are in constant change and when compared from side to side, can be seen as non-identical. TMJ  the joint of the jaw, even just a crown fitting or a filling have effects elsewhere, eg; the function can be affected and pain can be felt in the pelvis/ low back  . Interestingly, the changes in shape (structure) affects muscle length and obviously strength (Function) and upon testing where energy constrictions or pain may manifest.

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Functional Medicine for a fractured world: Body work, Counselling, Breathwork, for family health care today.

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